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All-in-one cloud accounting software designed to empower
your business with streamlined financial management and
data-driven insights.

Why McLedger Accounting Software?

Cloud-Based Efficiency

Access your financial data securely from anywhere, at any time. No more worries about data loss or manual backups – your critical financial information is always up-to-date and available on any device you prefer.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Accounting shouldn’t be complicated. McLedger offers a user-friendly interface that requires no prior accounting experience. Whether you’re a business owner handling finances for the first time or a seasoned accountant, our intuitive design makes managing, navigating and utilizing the software efficiently.

Time-Saving Automation

Save time and effort with McLedger’s automated bookkeeping features. From invoice generation to expense tracking. Let the software handle the repetitive tasks while you focus on growing your business.

Smart Financial Insights

Data is power, and McLedger accounting software puts that power in your hands with real-time financial insights, enabling you to make informed decisions about your business’s future. From understanding revenue trends to identifying cost-saving opportunities, McLedger empowers you with actionable information.

Enhanced Security

Take your financial security seriously. McLedger employs industry-leading security measures to safeguard your sensitive financial data. Now you can rest assured that your information is protected from unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

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McLedger Accounting Software Features:


Create and customize professional invoices with your company logo, colors, and payment terms. Easily add products or services, quantities, and prices to generate accurate and detailed invoices. Stay on top of your billing with automated payment reminders, helping you improve cash flow and reduce late payments.

Accounts Payable

Streamline your payment processes with McLedger's accounts payable feature. Easily record and track outstanding bills, schedule payments, and stay on top of your vendor relationships.

Accounts Receivable

Improve your cash flow by efficiently managing your accounts receivable with McLedger. Track customer payments, send reminders before invoice dates, and ensure timely collection of receivables.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory levels, sales, and purchases with McLedger's inventory management feature. Monitor stock levels, set reorder points, and receive alerts when inventory is running low. This feature allows you to efficiently manage your supply chain and optimize inventory costs.

Financial Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your business's financial performance with McLedger's robust reporting capabilities. Generate detailed financial reports, such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, to make informed decisions.

Fixed Asset Management

Effectively manage your fixed assets with McLedger's asset management feature. Track asset acquisition, depreciation, and disposal, ensuring accurate accounting and compliance.

Sales Tax Management

Simplify sales tax compliance with McLedger's sales tax management feature. Automatically calculate and track sales tax, ensuring accurate reporting and compliance with tax regulations.

Bank Connection

Connect your bank accounts directly to McLedger to automatically import and reconcile transactions, reducing manual data entry and improving data accuracy.

Multi-User Access

Collaborate efficiently with your team by providing multiple users with secure access to McLedger. Assign different permission levels to control user access and ensure data confidentiality.

Mobile Version

Financial Management at Your Fingertips

Effectively manage your fixed assets with McLedger's asset management feature. Track asset acquisition, depreciation, and disposal, ensuring accurate accounting and compliance.

Stay Connected

Access your financial data on the go, so you're always in control of your finances, whether you're traveling or away from the office.

Invoice On-the-Go

Create and send professional invoices straight from your mobile device. Keep cash flow steady with faster billing.

Expense Tracking Made Easy

Snap photos of receipts, categorize expenses, keep your spending in check, or send them to accountants – all from your smartphone.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay updated with payment reminders, expense approvals, and other crucial financial updates through mobile notifications.

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McLedger smart accounting software seamlessly integrates with a range of platforms
and business applications, including:

Integrated with E-Commerce & POS Platforms:

Integrated with E-Commerce & POS Platforms:

ADIB bank
ADCB bank
citi bank
NBD bank

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