Impeccable Integration with Amazon

Connect multiple amazon accounts with McLedger and manage your records in one platform
By connecting your Amazon seller transaction to McLedger, we can help you automate your bookkeeping. You can generate invoices, sync Amazon Seller Central customer data, automate the payment process, and much more with the help of our app. The Amazon to McLedger link reduces double-entry and streamlines order listing. It saves time and effort by automating tasks like as importing transaction details, the frequency of manually importing each statement, journal entries, inventory tracking, and so on.

Advantages of Using McLedger for Amazon

1. Recording Orders:

It simplifies the order recording procedure. The following is how it works:

  • Invoices and sales receipts can be created.
  • Create missing products and have McLedger automatically update inventory with each Amazon transaction.
  • Keep track of each order and summarise it by day, week, month, or settlement period, including journal entries and details like shipping and billing addresses, sales tax, payment method, and so on.
  • It works with McLedger’s class tracking tool, as well as group items, bundle things, and all currencies.

2. Work with all of Amazon's shop features:

You can work with a variety of Amazon vendors.

3. Inventory synchronisation:

  • It synchronises variant items and automatically updates inventory with every sale and return. In McLedger, it also adds stocks.
  • We can also assist you with inventory forecasting.


Track Your Orders

You may keep track of your orders individually or by day, week, month, or payment term. Create sales receipts and invoices that include full transaction information. Every sale will automatically update your inventory. Works with all currencies and class tracking.

Keep record of Amazon fees and sales tax

Fees associated to Amazon should be recorded as distinct transactions. To measure rough earnings, connect to the software and easily integrate shipping charges. It can be used for single or numerous tax jurisdictions.

Inventory synchronisation

With each sale and return, keep inventory levels up to date. Stockouts and overselling can be avoided by forecasting inventory. When you add stock, the inventory levels are automatically updated. Sync objects that have different variants. Keep track of multiple inventory locations with McLedger.

How to Connect?

Step 1

From Mcledger open third-party apps page.

Step 2

Select your business you want to integrate it with your store.

Step 3

Click authorize.

Step 4

Login to your amazon seller account

Step 5

Authorize Mcledger App