Smart Integrations with Salla

By integrating with Salla, McLedger links smoothly with accounting, allowing you to manage all aspect of your business in one spot.
Salla is an e-commerce platform that makes it simple for merchants to set up, operate, and manage their online stores. With a touch of a button, they may easily enable (or disable) the connection with any logistic business and/or payment gateway.

The integrations also automate accounts payable, allowing for real-time cash flow monitoring. This makes it easier to keep track of spending, compare cash-in to cash-out, and estimate what to expect in the following months so you can allocate resources appropriately. The ability to manage cash flow is one of the most difficult tasks that small businesses confront, therefore having this edge is priceless.


Keep track of your payouts across all channels.

Get a detailed breakdown of your Salla accounting services. Keep track of fees, expenses, and returned products, and send payouts to the app.

Automated Invoicing

Accept all forms of payment, including credit cards and bank transfers, directly on the invoice. Automatically track invoice status, send payment reminders, and match payments to invoices.

Detailed Information

Connect your bank and credit card accounts with McLedger to see a snapshot of your cash flow. With a single click, you can access profit and loss or balance sheet reports.

Stress-free Sales

McLedger automatically associates receipt photographs with transactions and arranges them into required categories. It's never been easier to stay organised.

How to Connect?

Option 1

(with no McLedger Account)

  • Login to your salla account
  • Go to Mcledger app at Salla
  • Choose the package and install
  • New Mcledger business will be created and linked with your Salla Store using same email of Salla.

Option 1
Option 2

Option 2

(existing Mcledger account)

  • Make sure you\’re logged in you Mcledger account
  • Go to Mcledger app at Salla
  • Choose the package and install
  • Your Salla store will be linked with your existing Mcledger account.