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A comprehensive range of VAT services designed to maintain tax records are healthy and compliant with FTA and ZATCA’s VAT regulations.

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Our VAT Services Include

Service 1

VAT Registration

UAE-resident businesses must register for VAT if their taxable supplies and imports in the last 12 months exceed or are expected to exceed the registration threshold in the next 30 days. Our team will ensure your business is correctly registered, helping you complete the necessary documentation and submissions efficiently.

Service 2

VAT Deregistration

Registered taxpayers in the UAE must apply for VAT deregistration within 20 business days of the event that necessitates deregistration. Our tax experts will guide you through the deregistration process, ensuring 100% compliance with legal requirements.

Service 3

VAT Compliance

Compliance with KSA and UAE VAT laws may require businesses to adjust core operations, financial management, bookkeeping, technology, and HR practices to align their models with the government. Mcledger's VAT experts will ensure your business is fully compliant with the latest FTA and ZATCA regulations.

Service 4

VAT Return Preparation & Online Filing

After registering for VAT in the UAE, businesses must file VAT returns and make payments within 28 days from the end of the tax period and before the end of the month in KSA. Mcledger's tax agents ensure timely and precise VAT returns by thorough analysis of financial records, receipts, and invoices to prevent errors and ensure compliance.

Service 5

VAT Refund

If input tax exceeds output tax, a VAT refund can be requested after submission or at a later time when a credit is owed. Our professionals offer personalized assistance in the VAT refund process, including gathering required documentation and forms based on individual circumstances.

Service 6

VAT Health Check

McLedger’s team is well-versed in conducting VAT Health Checks in UAE and KSA with specific attention to those more susceptible to FTA scrutiny. Recommendations for corrective actions are provided to rectify errors and streamline documentation, preparing clients for potential tax audits.

Service 7

VAT Pre-Audit Support

A tax audit verifies the accuracy of a person's VAT liability by examining their maintained records. It can occur at the taxpayer's business premises (field tax audit) or the FTA offices. Our audit support services assist businesses in preparing for and navigating through VAT audits, ensuring records are orderly and in compliance with tax authorities' standards.

Service 8

Voluntary Disclosure

A Voluntary Disclosure is a means by which a taxpayer informs the FTA of errors or omissions in a VAT return, assessment, or refund application. If the error results in a payable tax shortfall of more than AED 10,000, the disclosure must be made within 20 business days of the taxpayer becoming aware of the error. Seeking expert assistance from an authorized tax consultant before making voluntary disclosures is advisable, given the thorough assessment and considerations required for compliance with VAT.

Service 9

VAT Exemption

Taxable persons in the UAE need to assess their current VAT position to determine whether they can apply for VAT registration exceptions in the UAE in line with amended VAT provisions. McLedger offers VAT consultants to assist you in making the proper assessments and submitting the request to the FTA.

Service 10

Tax Clarification Request

A tax clarification request is a service for seeking clarity on a tax issue when uncertainty persists after analyzing relevant tax laws, regulations, and guidance. Typically, the individual seeking clarification should submit the request to the FTA. Alternatively, submissions can be made by an appointed Tax Agent or Legal Representative

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Why McLedger VAT Services?

Certified Service

McLedger is an FTA-certified tax agency and also ZATCA-compliant, assuring your business stays compliant with regulations.

Expert VAT Knowledge

Our professional tax agents, with comprehensive expertise in VAT regulations and legislation, offer you peace of mind in complex tax scenarios.

Tailored VAT Solutions

We provide customized VAT strategies that align with your industry, size, and business goals, ensuring optimal tax benefits.

End-to-End VAT Support

From initial VAT registration to ongoing compliance, we offer holistic VAT solutions suitable for startups and established enterprises alike.

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