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Set Up Online Payments in A Single Click

Set Up Online Payments in A Single Click Mcledger has integrated with STRIPE to allow you to take online invoice payments via credit card, or debit card, so you get paid twice as quickly! What better way to increase your cash flow?
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Effortless Payments for SMEs Across The UAE

For small and medium business owners to function smoothly, their billing process must be straightforward. Your clients may pay invoices instantly with the push of a button when you use online payments. Nothing will get lost in mails or documents, and you'll be able to keep track on your client’s payments.

Automation of manual operation saves your time and money, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
You have a better understanding of your cash flow. When you make a payment on an invoice, change it, or reconcile it, it is updated in real time.
You can see the same documents at the same time, which gives you a lot greater relationship with your consumers.

Quick, safe, and well-integrated
Online Payment Solutions

Our integration with STRIPE, an online payments processing provider will allow you to register and generate money online by sending the payment collection link from our advanced portal to your clients, making the process of raising money effortless and reducing the number of in-person payments collection visits.

Advance payments; No Hidden Fees

You'll get paid faster if you give your customers a variety of payment options. You will know how much money you’re bringing in because of the transparency in the platform pricings.

A consolidated payments dashboard is available

Get a quick overview of your company and take action right away. From a single location, you can manage every payment, customer, transfer, and more.

Streamline payments by combining online and in-person transactions.

Allow customers to pay in person using your platform. You can customize every aspect of the point-of-sale experience with Stripe Terminal.

Integrated anti-fraud protection

Advanced machine learning algorithms detect and prevent fraud for your organization automatically, and they adapt to new types of fraud on a regular basis. With the exclusive online payment processing services, you can pay directly through invoices and record each payment in your account automatically.

Take the work out of chasing payments

Auto pay allows you to set up and receive recurring card payments for repeat billing customers, meaning you can get paid on time, every time, and your customer doesn’t need to keep track of your invoices. If you use Stripe to accept online payments from invoices, you can set it up from McLedger’s portal.

With one click, every Stripe transaction is accounted for and reconciled

You'll see the transaction data flow into McLedger utilizing the Stripe feed anywhere you receive payments via Stripe, whether via our cloud platform invoices or an ecommerce store. Payments and fees are automatically linked to the relevant invoices and accounts, allowing you to reconcile the transaction and gain a better understanding of your business data.