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Improve your
tax experience
with Mcledger

Mcledger has a unique approach to tax regulation services. Being one of the best VAT and tax consultancy apps in Dubai, Mcledger covers everything from year-round bookkeeping to limitless tax advising service. There are no hidden costs —just expert tax consultancy services that you can trust!

VAT consultancy tailored to your company's needs

Mcledger can help you at any stage of your company's development. From start to finish, our team of professional VAT consultants provide tax consultancy services, VAT assistance, preparation, and filings. Our app provides you with a complete tax and bookkeeping package. In every step of the process, we keep everything organised for you!

Top-notch tax team

Tax preparation is straightforward when you have experts on your side! You will never have to worry about missing a deadline because of the wholesome assistance by our experienced tax consultants.

Automatic updates on taxation

Our app accelerates your process by utilising cloud accounting, which is powered by smart technology and expert accountants. The app also sends you notification, alerts and tips related to any new changes in UAE tax rules or VAT updates.

Systematic VAT returns filing process

Mcledger handles your financial reporting and VAT filings. The VAT and financial timeframes can be used to track progress. Your reports reach you for approval on the app after passing through multiple processes. We proceed with the VAT filing once they've been approved by you. This way, you can never miss a deadline.

Streamlined Tax Regulation Services in Dubai

You can save time when you have an automatic accounting tool like Mcledger at your disposal. You can get accurate and precise findings at reduced costs

Effective Bookkeeping

Your personal bookkeeper organises your business transactions and begins working on your books once a month.

We aid you with your taxes at any time of the year

Tax season isn't the only time of year when people are stressed. As a result, we provide year-round tax advice via on-demand and limitless tax consultations. With year-round check-ins, your tax team ensures that no deductions are overlooked.

Your taxes are filed by us

Your dedicated one-to-one bookkeeper will gather all relevant documents and forms when you're ready to file.

VAT Return Report

Stress-free Value added tax Consultancy for SMEs in Dubai

Through our cloud-based platform, we significantly reduce the administrative costs associated with VAT services for SMEs across the UAE. With a loyal customer support and VAT timeline to track the progress, we take away all the workload from you to gift you the freedom to focus on core business operations.

If your company is VAT-registered and you're seeking for a safe and secure VAT solution, we can help! We provide exclusive services at an affordable price to you such as:

  • VAT Registration and De-registration
  • Simplified tax consultancy
  • Comprehensive VAT timeline
  • Secured transactions
  • Tax status and reports from your previous period
  • Real-time updates
  • 24x7 Support