Speed Up Your Accounts Receivable Management

Managing accounts receivable process in a timely manner while running day-to-day business operations is difficult. However, if you use McLedger, you can handle accounts receivables services quickly and efficiently.

Accounts Receivable Management

All businesses rely on cash to function. Startups and SMEs, in particular, face unique challenges because they already have restricted capital flow. As a result, it is critical to effectively manage your cash flow; otherwise, payment delays, inability to pay staff, excessive interest incursions, and other financial concerns can negatively influence your organisation.

McLedger has already served a large number of SMEs in the UAE. This accounting software has greatly simplified finance and accounting management for both small and large businesses. With short entries, multiple analytical reports, and prompt responses, our accounting app has made it feasible to manage AR efficiently. Many underlying elements in the software can make AR administration a breeze. You can effortlessly manage your accounts receivable and keep a proper cash flow with the app.

Get Unified Accounts Receivable
Management with McLedger

Report on Aging

When you send an invoice, your clients usually have 30 to 60 days to pay it. You can't function without an acceptable accounts receivable balance and hence even receiving payment within a strict timeline is critical. This will make it more difficult to run your business and pay your bills on a daily basis. McLedger’s impeccable accounting software can help in producing accounts receivable reports by revealing which clients are postponing payments. You may also check your cash flow statement with a single click to see how much money you have on hand to pay your invoices and payable accounts.

Faster online payments.

You can employ speedy online payment ways to provide payment clearance convenience to your consumers using our cloud-based accounting services. This feature allows users to immediately send invoices or click on a link. Payment via a secure payment link on an invoice will encourage your consumers to pay immediately. Printing checks, postage charges, and other overhead costs can all be drastically reduced by accepting payments online. McLedger can help you enhance your accounts receivable by streamlining your payment procedures.

Effective and Quick Reminders

It will take a long time to look for each payment delays or send a personalised email reminder. You don't have to go through all the tedious work now because McLedger allows you to send polite collection letters via the app to your consumers.

McLedger has the ability to automate the process of sending email reminders. The app has a number of pre-packaged collection letters that you may use to send reminders all at once. These detailed templates will build a tailored collection letter using data from your own file.

Timely Management

It might cause havoc and potentially affect the current Accounts Receivable balance if you have years of invoices saved up in your McLedger account. Simultaneously, if you don't capture recent invoice inputs in real-time, your accounts receivable balance may be incorrect. As a result, our accounting app has made the invoice entry procedure easier so that you can acquire accurate statistics.