Bookkeeping for SMEs


Mcledger gives you the comfort to focus on your business, knowing you'll receive precise and comprehensive bookkeeping services! McLedger offers the best online bookkeeping services with a cutting-edge platform that processes your transactions 24 hours a day. We keep accurate financial records by integrating human and artificial intelligence.


Startups and SMEs are frequently made up of tiny teams, if not a single entrepreneur, making the process of managing finances time consuming resulting in productivity block. But with Mcledger, businesses can just focus on what matters most and leave the rest of metrics to us!

Streamlined End-to-end Process

Finding disparities is made simple by automated functions and intelligent cloud ERP. Automatic bank feeds ensure that you're working with clean, correct information.

Instant value

Allows for quick adaptation to new opportunities, helping you with complete control over your workflow to efficiently plan and track your time.

Impact on business

Real-time analytics are incorporated to help boost profits and efficiency. Our unique fintech platform helps small and medium businesses to increase their profit, examine sales, generate, send invoices and track their performance anytime, anywhere.

Bookkeeping SME


The goal of bookkeeping is to help businesses manage their finances which is critical to the success of any organisation. Mcledger is developed to meet the needs of modern small businesses by taking care of all the tedious tasks in order to provide the most enjoyable expense management experience possible.

Everything you need to keep track of your entire business's finances is right here! From simple invoices to extensive reports, Mcledger has everything you need to maintain your business finances in good shape.

Unparalleled precision

Get accurate books delivered on time every month. Our skilled team is aided by advanced bookkeeping software that detects and corrects common errors automatically.

Expert assistance and collaboration

Our expert financial accountant will assist in verifying all the required data along with following up with the client for the first two months. Mcledger app will also help you choose the correct payroll provider, offer financial best practises, and many more, in addition to managing your books and taxes.

Designed for business expansion

Mcledger is designed for enabling streamlined bookkeeping services for start-ups and small businesses, with accrual basis accounting and burn rate data. It aids organisations in overcoming the inconvenience of managing accounts more effectively, as well as guiding, organising, strategically planning, and channelling financial and economic measures, which considered vital for growth of many SMEs.

Professional Financial Reports

The financial statements you share with potential investors, in particular, must be precise, appropriately prepared, and delivered on time. If they aren't, you might lose out on deals. Mcledger generates financial statements that are professional and visually appealing.

Aids in Tax preparation

We're here for all of your financial requirements, not just bookkeeping. Everything from paying business income taxes to developing investor decks, Mcledger helps you in building your business effortlessly.

Instant Assistance

Do you have a question? Do you require immediate assistance? You can seek the help of your one-to-one expert directly from the app and get it resolved immediately.